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DigiCinema     David Stump, ASC has written a book, and why not? After all, he has done everything else. His work in and knowledge of digital cinematography is impressive, and his visual effects shooting is aces. Amazingly, he has condensed his vast knowledge into this excellent reference book available now.

And I’m not praising the book just because it contains my lengthy treatise on color space. (It does. Just see Chapter 4.) Rather, it is a great resource; I’ve been using it since it came out.

Available for purchase here:

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For the Recycle Something “Kids-Imaginary Playground” and “Recycle Team Six” commercials I produced, wrote, directed, shot, edited, etc., etc.

For American Cinematographer subscribers (either old-school pulp or digital) or those near newsstands, in the August issue I covered legendary music video director Mark Pellington’s work on Bear Hands “Giants” on which he and several cinematographers used eight different camera formats.


Wrote this one up for Panavision’s site, talking with Lawrence Sher, ASC about his work shooting Zach Braff’s film Wish I Was Here using. . . Panavision lenses and Panavised Arri Alexas. Sher shot Braff’s hit Garden State a decade ago.

Read about Wish I Was Here here

Wish I was here (3)

In a bit of good news, word is my Recycle Something “Kids–Imaginary Playground” PSA has received two Emmy Award Mid-America Nominations, for PSA-Single Spot and for Short Form Editor.

View the noms here: