Just who is this guy?

Good question. Good question indeed. I’m a media specialist, if you will. I dabble in the dark arts of all things media:

  • Film and Television Production (Producer, writer, director, editor, shooter)
  • Photography
  • Writing/Copywriting/Editing
  • Graphics
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Conceptualizing Wizard of Thoughts and Ideas
  • Doer of Stuff

I’m diversatile*!        (*I made this word up.)

In the beginning…

I have degrees in journalism (advertising-public relations) and film/television production.

Following the film instruction, I worked on some national commercials and shot a 16mm trailer for some horror film about a killer with a cooked turkey for a head. (Really.) I did an interesting production stint with the 2nd unit–the cool stunt unit–on Power Rangers.

Putting my journalism training to work, I had articles appear in: DGA Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and had a regular column appearing in DirecTV: The Guide and On DTV.

I was a staff editor at American Cinematographer for eight years and was managing editor at DV for a bit. Earned a couple WPA Maggie Award nominations, winning one.

My short film It Came from Beyond the Mountain, a 1950s horror/sci-fi B-movie that played at the  Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival. I was associate producer on the short Descent, which played at numerous festivals and won multiple awards.  I wrote and shot the 2010 48 Hour Film Festival-Little Rock winning film The Courier, the first time I had been involved with that type of contest.

I’ve been doing public relations and marketing writing for a variety of companies in the Film/TV biz. Copywriting for their brochures and websites, too.

Recently, I took over a floundering interactive eLearning program for architecture-engineering consulting firm ZweigWhite, a program that after 5 months had yielded not one training course. I reorganized, scripted, produced, shot video, did graphics, edited, had the Flash portal built  and launched in only two months. Some good stuff.

I also recently produced some commercials for UPS and Sunoco fuel. Examples of this stuff you can find on this blog’s main page. Check the tabs at the top.

Currently, I’m with the city of Fayetteville’s media services division working in television broadcasting and producing commercials and educational content. I’m also seeking cool stuff to do and to collaborate with others on. Give me a shout!