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By using Panavision’s Panavised ARRI Alexa XT cameras, cinematographer Benoit Delhomme, AFC creates a realistic, documentary look for Free State of Jones, a Civil War-era film for director Gary Ross. Read more.


Cinematographer Michael McDonough ASC, BSC taps Panavision anamorphics for the series Fear the Walking Dead, a piece I wrote a little while back for Panavision. Read more.

DP Anthony Dod Mantle talks about his first Panavision experience and being drenched for the production of In the Heart of the Sea. Read more.

Nigel Bluck, ACS on choosing Panavision lenses for HBO’s True Detective 2 series for Panavision Online.

Read more here.


Cinematographer John Seale, ASC, ACS was a great interview, offering some wonderful anecdotes regarding director George Miller and the production of Mad Max: Fury Road for Panavision online. Read more here.

Mad Max Fury Road (2) Fury Road (14)

Cinematographer Lowell Peterson, ASC–a longtime Panavision champion–talks about his work on the TV series Jane the Virgin and the role Panavision plays. Read more.


Coverage of the production of “Beside Still Waters,” an independent feature shot on Kodak film stock that appears in Kodak InCamera magazine. Read about it HERE.

Beside Still Waters 1_300X0

After chatting with cinematographer Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS  for Edge of Tomorrow not long ago, I caught up with him again to discuss his working with Panavision London on the musical Into the Woods for Panavision Online. Read more here. . .

ITW3_James Corden Emily Blunt Meryl Streep_by Peter Mountain ITW-00208_Dion by Peter Mountain

Fred Murphy, ASC, now on his sixth season of the hit TV series The Good Wife, discusses his lifelong commitment to Panavision and the use of Panavision gear and support on the show. I wrote this one, naturally, for Panavision. Read more…

Fred Murphy, ASC

Fred Murphy, ASC

Cinematographer Svetlana Cvetko discusses her use of OConnor fluid heads and camera support gear while shooting The Architect. I wrote this one for OConnor. Read more…

Svetlana Cvetko

Svetlana Cvetko