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Carol has been getting quite a bit of praise in the critics’ circles, as has cinematographer Ed Lachman, ASC for his lensing of the post-war drama. I caught up with him to talk about his use of Kodak film stocks for the movie. Read more.

Michael Goi, ASC utilized numerous Panavision lens types for the first two episodes of the horror-comedy series Scream Queens for Panavision Online.

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Scream-Queens-(1) Scream-Queens-(3)

Nigel Bluck, ACS on choosing Panavision lenses for HBO’s True Detective 2 series for Panavision Online.

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Jurassic World offered cinematographer John Schwartzman, ASC a rare opportunity to develop a new aspect ratio to film (yes, he shot on film) with his Panavision gear, as told to Panavision online. Read more here.


Cinematographer John Seale, ASC, ACS was a great interview, offering some wonderful anecdotes regarding director George Miller and the production of Mad Max: Fury Road for Panavision online. Read more here.

Mad Max Fury Road (2) Fury Road (14)

Cinematographer Lowell Peterson, ASC–a longtime Panavision champion–talks about his work on the TV series Jane the Virgin and the role Panavision plays. Read more.


Caught up with cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos, BSC to talk about the filming of director Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella, a modern-day variant of classic filmmaking. Shot on film with Panavision. Read more here.


Coverage of the production of “Beside Still Waters,” an independent feature shot on Kodak film stock that appears in Kodak InCamera magazine. Read about it HERE.

Beside Still Waters 1_300X0

My latest promo for the City of Fayetteville’s Recycle Something campaign dropped not long ago, following the process of turning a plastic bottle into fleecewear. Mixed formats bookended with material originating in 4K on a Blackmagic cinema camera with a Zeiss Makro 50mm. Feel free to watch and share and be sure to have good speakers for this one.

The December issue of American Cinematographer has my coverage of cinematographer Radek Ladczuk’s work on The Babadook, a psychological horror film taking heavy styling cues from German expressionism and influenced by the lead character’s dark state of mind, metaphorically speaking (hint, hint). This one is subscriber access only:  American Cinematographer

Babadook on cables our set 2